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  Margaret van Bulck Smith

Photography has become both a means of artistic expression for me and a way for me to relate to the natural world that I love deeply. I find a peace behind the camera that I find no place else. Most of my photography deals with the natural world or our relationship with it. I believe that if we can see the beauty around us we will be more likely to protect it.
Photographing in the natural world is my passion, and I derive great pleasure sharing that passion with others, both through my photographs and through teaching. I conduct workshops and photography excursions, both locally and abroad. All of my workshops and photo tours are kept small and intimate to allow participants the greatest amount of personal attention and flexibility possible. They are open to photographers of all levels, from beginners to professionals.
I believe that part of being a good photographer is the ability to see deeply, not just with one's eyes, but also with one's soul. As a nature photographers, it is my responsibility to seek out the beauty in the world around me and capture it for my viewers. When I go to a place to photograph, I don't dash from one pretty location to the next, but rather I find a spot that speaks to me and really "work" that place. Going back to the same place at a different time will undoubtedly present a different palette from the time before. As a photographer, I must be able to sense this and capture what speaks to me at that particular moment in time. Navajo photographer LeRoy deJolie once told me, "When the good Lord blesses the sky, I photograph the sky. When the good Lord blesses the ground, I photograph the ground."
All of my images are shot digitally. I process all of my images personally, and I print most of them myself, as well. I use archival inks and paper to insure the longevity of my art. The matting and framing are archival museum quality to preserve the quality of the prints. I am currently exploring printing on different media. Some of my newest work is printed on canvas or metal. The method of presentation is not nearly as important as the photograph itself, but different media can help evoke a different emotional response from the viewer. A high gloss metal rendering of an image elicits a very different response from a soft sepia canvas presentation, even if the subject matter is similar.
Photography is my third career. Although I have loved photography all of my life, I began my adult life as an economist and later spent twenty plus years as a CPA. My soul finally spoke louder than my wallet, and I began to pursue fine art photography. I don’t believe anyone’s last words have ever been “I wish I had done more tax returns.” The first public display of my photography was at the 2006 Little River Shrimp and Jazz Festival where one of my photographs won "Best in Show." There have been many awards and shows since then, but after that first show, I knew that I had chosen the right path for my life.
I have had extensive training at the Rocky Mountain School of Photography, the Santa Fe Workshops, The Maine Media Workshops, Friends of Arizona Highways Photo Workshops, and John Paul Caponigro Digital Photography Workshops, to name a few. I have also had extensive training in Adobe Photoshop and am a member of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals, as well as the North America Nature Photographers’ Association and the Carolina Nature Photographers’ Association. I have exhibited widely around South Carolina and in Georgia.