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Elfriede Koehler


View from Nances'   MI
Oil  24x30
E. Koehler

Elfriede Koehler describes his paintings as a “love affair with nature.”  When he observes a scene, the impression hits him like “ falling in love.”  Nature speaks to him, and he sees himself as a piece of the scenery he paints.  Koehler wants his paintings to have the same effect on those who see them.  He hopes people will feel as if they’ve been transported to the scene.

His technique uses a monochrome under painting of tempera over painted with oil.   Koehler says this technique allows him to get sharp edges when he needs them and also helps the paintings to last many years without cracking or yellowing.  He invests up to 60 or 70 hours in each painting but says they will last hundreds of years.  Because of this quality construction, he hopes that his paintings will be seen as investments or heirlooms that can be passed down through families.

Although he doesn’t describe himself as a realist, his paintings are very life like.  Koehler says he is more of a romantic than a realist because he paints not only what he sees but also what he feels.  He may slightly alter parts of a particular scene he paints to delete clutter.  Each of his paintings is a document that is constructed carefully to convey a clear message.  He credits his mathematician father for teaching him his attention to detail and the desire for lasting construction and his mother, who was a pianist, for his romanticism, penchant for dreaming and artistic talent.

His painting technique and style is reminiscent of the old European Masters.