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Brant Barrett

As a youth, I spent untold hours fishing, swimming and crabbing in the warm waters of St. Helena’s Sound near Beaufort, South Carolina. Those early years instilled in me a life-long love of the Low Country.

In 1981, the wonderful perfume of the salt marsh lured me back to the coast as my family and I relocated to Surfside Beach. Over the next several decades, I reacquainted myself with those outdoor activities that so thrilled me as a boy. The joy of landing an eating size flounder or sucking down a raw oyster while wading local waters had not diminished in the least. If anything it was a greater pleasure now seen through more mature eyes.

Several years ago, I took up photography as a means to capture my vision of the beautiful natural resources along the South Carolina coast. I particularly enjoy black and white photography. While color is needed to fully express the architectural beauty of old Charleston, it often gets in the way when trying to demonstrate the majesty of our incredible southern live oaks. See more of Brants photos at www.brantbarrettphotography.com